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How to sell on amazon?

Step 1: Create a seller account

First of all, in addition to your Amazon account, you need an Amazon seller account, for which separate registration is required. There are two different account types to choose from: the primary account and the professional seller account. In the following article, we get to know about How to sell on amazon? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

For private individuals, we recommend a basic understanding with no monthly fee. You only pay fees for successfully sold products. The payments (per sale) for the primary account are made up of:

€ 0.99 fixed sales fee

7% fee for products from the electronics category

15% Luxembourg sales tax

If you want to sell more than 40 items per month, you must choose a professional seller account. A monthly subscription fee of 39 (excluding sales tax) plus the percentage sales fees per sale. On the overview page of Amazon, you can find all further information about the different seller account types on Amazon.

Important note on sales fees from the electronics category: Amazon charges 7% fees for the “Basic” account type, which does not apply to the professional seller account. In most cases, however, a professional seller account will not be worthwhile for occasional sellers. Here you will also find a detailed list of all fees and account types.

During the registration process for sellers, you must provide personal data such as your place of residence, country of birth, ID number from your ID card or passport, and bank details. In addition, you have to enter and confirm a telephone number.

Step 2: Create an offer

On the Amazon product page, select “Sell on Amazon” on the right-hand side of the screen.

An input mask opens in which you enter the offer details. Here you first define the status of the mobile phone. Defects should be formulated briefly and unequivocally. You can also upload up to 6 photos.

Now set the number and the price. When it comes to the price, Amazon gives you some help by showing you the price level of other offers. Only about 75% of the price you enter in this field will end up in your account. We recommend that you set a target price and check the value of your mobile phone with our comparison daily.

The “Warehouse number” field does not have to be filled in – Amazon generates this identification number automatically.

In the field “Legal information,” you can provide further information if desired.

After clicking on “next,” you will get to the summary of your offer. Recheck your details and select “Submit offer.” Your product is now (after a short waiting period) listed in the Amazon Marketplace.

Sales processing

Your offer in the Amazon Marketplace now lasts for 90 days. If no buyer has been found after this period, you can extend the offer. As soon as a buyer for your mobile phone (or other product) has been found, you will receive an email. From this point on, everything should go quickly. Ship the product to the buyer. At best, the package is already packed and only needs to be brought to the post office.

The AZ guarantee from Amazon

Regardless of whether you have a basic account or a power account, as a seller in the Amazon Marketplace, you accept the terms and conditions of Amazon Marketplace. As a result, you “have to play along” with Amazon’s so-called AZ guarantee. Before you submit your first offer in the Amazon Marketplace, you should read the Amazon help pages on the topic of AZ Guarantee. Remember: At Amazon, the customer is king. So if the buyer of your cell phone should complain about a defect or a deviation in condition, you can practically prepare for the return and reimbursement to sell on amazon?.

Selling on Amazon – conclusion

Amazon offers a wide range for sellers – but it also demands a lot for it. Because only 75% of the sales price you set ends up in your account. In any case, it is not possible to say in general where you can sell “best.”

Use our price comparison to find out about the possible sales prices of your mobile phone on the various platforms for your sales project. In any case, remember to delete the personal data on your mobile phone before selling.

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