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How to become a hacker?

Having skills means a lot. No matter in which field you have skills or you are a master. The only thing that matters has skills in your field. This article is all about be a hacker one skill that has changed the world of technology: hacking.  

There are always three reasons for becoming a hacker. One reason is that you want to do hacking just for fun. Other reasons would be related to your need. The third reason would be that you want to start your career in hacking. All the above reasons are perfect and enough to be a hacker.

Are you ready to enter the field of hacking? The reason can be different, but if you have made up your mind to do something in the world of hacking, you need to become a master of it. Your skills should be polished, and in this article, we will make you feel relaxed by guiding you on how to become a hacker.


LINUX is an operating system that helps you understand and operate the internet. You cannot be a hacker if you don’t know about the LINUX operating system. In this operating system, there are different types of the operating system. I recommend LINUX because it is the most used and popular operating system to learn to hack.

Learn language:

To know something, you have to know the language. In the same way, if you want to be a hacker, you should learn the language of operating systems first. If you are at the initial stage or a beginner, it is good to learn the Python language as it is for beginners and not a complex one.

If you are now advanced and have learned many things, you should try to learn the JAVA language as it is a little bit complex and will help you become a better hacker.

Think beyond the box:

To become more skilful, you should learn to think beyond the box. Beyond the box means thinking more creatively. Your skills should be intellectual that reflect your work. What do artists do? After getting desired knowledge about their field, they start thinking beyond the box and then their artistic skills are all about the way they think. In the same way, after you get your desired knowledge about hacking, it’s time to do something creative.

Keep practising:

 Practice makes everyone perfect. After getting all the useful knowledge about hacking, it is time to implement it in your work. Take a seat and your system, sit peacefully and start experimenting with all your skills.

Do work in the group:

It is better to work in a group instead of working alone. When you are alone, you are experiencing only your knowledge, but when you work in a group, different brains give you different ideas that enhance your knowledge and skills. The more problems you face, the good hacker you will become.

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