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What do Chipmunks Eat?

It is necessary to take care of chipmunks carefully. All aspects must be taken care of. In this article, we read about What do Chipmunks Eat? To be as careful as taking care of a child, you must pay attention to the following elements:

1. Food

Chipmunks seem to feed on the seeds of Fagaceae plants, but they also eat many insects in nature, so it is best also to provide some animal food. Nuts such as walnuts and chestnuts are the favorites of squirrels. Biting out the hard shell is not only a game for squirrels, but it can also help to wear out the teeth. It is best to feed this type of food frequently. If an artificial feed is a leading food, apples and other foods should also be supplemented.

2. Feeding cage

Tiny chipmunks who have just left the nest can be easily tamed if kept separately from their parents. Because of the rapid action, care should be taken to escape while feeding. In case of escape, if you suddenly grasp it with force, avoid being bitten by the chipmunk. A taller cage should be prepared. At the same time, to prevent insufficient exercise, the cell should be equipped with a revolver to allow the squirrels to play and move. At the same time, a nest box must be installed. As a hiding place, there is a phenomenon of hibernation in nature. If it is kept in a warm room, it is not necessary to hibernate. Due to poor heat resistance, the cage should be moved to a well-ventilated place in summer.

3. Other

April to May of each year is the breeding period of chipmunks each time. It can produce 4-5 squirrels. The reproduction situation is similar to that of mice. When the little squirrel’s eyes are about to be opened, if you hold it away from the mother squirrel, you will become intimate with people and will crawl on your shoulders and head carelessly. The hot milk (30-40°C) was initially fed with a straw, 3-5 times a day. Gradually change to bread soaked in milk or other soft foods. Even if you start feeding after you grow up, as long as you train slowly and patiently, you will get close with people and climb onto the owner.

What should chipmunks eat, and how do they find food?

Chipmunks like to eat carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. For the chipmunk, the fruits of red pine appear too large, and it must study carefully to find out the weakness of the pine cone. After eating and drinking enough, the chipmunk likes to rub the pine oil on the moss.

Food source:

1. Feeds sold in the market

Although there are nutritionally balanced feeds designed explicitly for chipmunks on the market, not every chipmunk will love all the feed and eat all of it, so pay attention to a balanced diet when feeding.

2. Vegetables and fruits

Chipmunks like to eat carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spinach, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, longans, etc… But some chipmunks bite these carrots and sweet potatoes into pieces, as if Just like playing, chipmunks like to eat apples, bananas, small tomatoes… you don’t need to peel and remove seeds, don’t forget that they are masters in this industry!!

3. Nuts

The only ones that are easier to find in the market are chestnuts, sunflower seeds, papaya seeds… etc. Try to feed as many fruits as possible. If you want chipmunks to grind their teeth, you should choose a harder one, such as walnuts… (The price of walnuts is A bit more expensive) Peanuts are also very popular. If some nuts can be found raw, try to feed them raw.

4. Animal protein

Wild chipmunks will catch insects to eat or steal bird eggs to supplement animal protein, and the chipmunks we keep can be fed some milk, boiled eggs, cheese, or dried fish every day…someone It is recommended to catch some small insects to feed, but I advise you not to see them and provide them more safely.

5. Water

The chipmunk needs about 15C.C. of water a day. If it is convenient, change the clean water once a day. It should be noted that after pregnancy or after giving birth to a tiny chipmunk, sufficient water is needed.


carrots, but they don’t seem to like it. I remember that they seem to pick apples. You can still feed leaks. Ginger and allium and garlic vegetables are foods that chipmunks cannot eat. Coffee and chocolate will poison the chipmunks after eating. The foraged fruits and vegetables must be cleaned to avoid pesticide residues on the fruits and vegetables.

What do the chipmunks like to eat? There seems to be a balanced diet for chipmunks in the market before, but people have to pay attention to a balanced diet so that you can feed some of them. A bit of peanut, but don’t feed chocolate. You can feed milk or some dried fish. Insects add a little protein. Take proper care of it, and a healthy chipmunk will be born.

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