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How To Change Gmail id?

Gmail is the most commonly used one. People communicate with each other through Gmail with ease. You can easily change the Gmail ID whenever you like. Changing the Gmail id is not a tough and challenging task. The process of making a new Gmail ID is super quick and does not irritate the masses at all. All you need to do is to sign up at Gmail. Enter your username, password, gender, date of birth, and make a new id as per your choice. 

Reliable and Secured Account

Gmail id is the most reliable one. You can add more security to it by synchronizing your contacts to it. Indeed, you can add an extra level of protection to your Gmail ID by using your sim number. It will prohibit the use of your Gmail ID without permission. So, whenever you open up your Gmail ID on any new device, you will get the confirmation text on your smartphone that either it is you or not. Upon tapping Yes, you will confirm your identity and can enjoy the uninterrupted use of a Gmail account. 

Ways to Change Gmail ID

There are multiple stunning benefits of Gmail id. Android users have to use it while setting up their phones. It is required to enter Gmail in the smartphone to avail of the services. When you enter the Gmail id to the Android smartphone, then you can get the accessibility for the Google Play Store. 

Method 1 – Changing Gmail Username

One of the methods to change Gmail id is to change its username. The steps for it are super simple. Go to the Gmail account and then navigate the option of change at the right section of it; you will view the icon for settings. It will be in the form of a gear shape. Click on it, then make a selection for the edit info. The section of Send mail would have the option of editing info. After clicking on it, make the necessary changes in the information of your account as you like. Enter the user name of your desire in it and upon complete satisfaction, click on the button of Save Changes.

Method 2 – Changing Gmail Email Address 

Create the new account at Gmail and then sign in to your first Gmail account. Now, go to the settings icon having the gear symbol on it and click on the button to change your Gmail username. Navigate the option of Accounts and Import. Click on this tab and move to the section of Send mail as. 

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Here, you will view the option for Add another email address. Click on this option and then add the new email address that you want to have in your Gmail ID. At the same time, you can add the new username, too, if you like. Ensure to check the new Gmail address that you have entered, and it would be the one as per your desire. Now click on the button to send verification. 

The verification message would be sent to you in the second account. Now, sign in to the second Gmail account and open up the mail. There will be a verification email link in the email. Click on it to verify. There is another way for verification which is none other than the entering of confirmation code. When you successfully confirm it, then click on the button of Accounts and Import. Here you can select the second Gmail ID as default.



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