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How to make grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese or grilled cheese is a tasty dish that can be served as an appetizer while dining or as a side dish to accompany and make sumptuous grilled meat. The soft and stringy consistency of the cooked cheese and its unique flavor make this preparation loved by young and old. In this article, we give you some valuable tips on how to cook cheese on the grill.

Cheese to grill on the barbecue: which ones to use

There are many varieties of cheese, with different flavors and textures but not always suitable for cooking on the grill. The most suitable cheeses for barbecue preparation are those with complex or semi-hard surfaces as they have better heat resistance and tend to remain compact on the outside and soft on the inside.

Among these, we are: the provolone sweet or spicy, the cheeses and cheese like pecorino and caciocavallo, the gruyere and smoked cheese smoked, all ideal as cheese to the plate.

On the contrary, cheeses with a soft consistency, such as crescenza, should be avoided, as they tend to melt entirely in contact with the high temperatures of the barbecue, only ending up dirtying the grill.

To facilitate the preparation of grilled cheese, you can use special tools such as the barbette, an ingenious non-stick pan inspired by those of raclette (of more generous dimensions) that allows the perfect melting of the cheeses, or you can use the practical non-stick Teflon mats specially designed for use on the grill.

How to grill cheese on the barbecue

Grilling cheese on the barbecue allows you to raise the level of a simple grill. It is ideal for accompanying multiple dishes, from meat to vegetables and even fruit. Here are some  tricks for grilling cheese to perfection:

  • Please choose the right temperature: for perfect cooking of the cheese on the grill, it is necessary to use a suitable temperature that allows it to be brown, without melting it entirely on the grill, not too violent heat. The ideal time to put the cheese on the grill is towards the end of the grill, when the warmth of the almost exhausted embers decreases, favoring slow and gradual cooking.
  • Turn the cheese often for even cooking: to allow the cheese to brown on both sides. We recommend turning it often, as soon as the outside begins to soften, to prevent it from burning excessively on the outside or from melting by dripping on the embers.
  • Use thick slices of cheese: To cook cheese on the grill, use tall, thick slices of at least 3/4 cm. The thickness allows the cheese to resist the heat of the barbecue better and to remain compact.

Place in the freezer:

  • one of the secrets of grilled Tomino is to make a passage in the freezer for 20-30 minutes. In this way, they will keep cooking better and will not fall apart immediately. The suggestion is also valid for other types of cheese.
  • Flavoring with spices and aromas to make grilled cheese more delicious. You can sprinkle it with a mix of aromatic herbs based on rosemary, mint, thyme, chili, and oregano. The spices can be used for a more intense flavor while the cheese is still on the grill to blend the flavors. Alternatively, if you prefer a more delicate and aromatic flavor, use the spices on the warm cheese when serving it on the plate.
  • Accompany the grilled cheese with sauces. To enhance the flavor of the barbecue cheese, you can use spicy chili-based dressings or sweet sauces based on fruit puree. The spices help to dampen the taste of cheeses with a strong flavor, such as salty or seasoned ones.

Grilled cheese: some delicious recipes

As we have already said, grilled cheese goes well with everything. Still, it is also ideal for making delicious vegetarian recipes that satisfy all palates (it will also happen to you to have the “vegetarian” guest …).

We offer you three  quick recipes (+1) to prepare barbecue cheese :

Grilled cheese skewers: How to make grilled cheese

To prepare the skewers, use semi-hard cheeses, such as asiago, fontina, or Emmental. Cut them into cubes about 2 cm thick. Compose your skewer using long wooden sticks and different alternate types of cheese with squares of polenta. Or for a more exotic variant with pineapple cut into cubes. Place the skewers on the grill for a few minutes. Taking care to turn them as soon as the crust begins to form on edge.

Medallions of stringy caciotta with speck : How to make grilled cheese

 This recipe is straightforward and can be prepared using caciottine. Just wrap them with slices of speck. And place them on the grill for a few minutes to obtain thin medallions inside and crispy outside.

Grilled pecorino flavored :

 To prepare grilled pecorino. It is necessary to cut 2 cm thick slices and leave them to rest in a container with olive oil. And aromatic herbs inside for about an hour. Afterward, drain the pecorino slices and place them on the hot grill for a couple of minutes on each side. Until they are golden and crispy at the right point.

If, on the other hand, you want to amaze everyone, perhaps for a special occasion … You can prepare smoked cheese on a wooden plate following our recipe!
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