How to clean makeup brushes.  Sponge and brush makeup is a beauty tool that is often used to apply makeup without paying attention to cleanliness. 

Sponge and brush makeup Dirty can cause skin problems such as acne, skin irritation, redness and others. 

Usually sponge and brush makeup The dirty ones are immediately thrown away to avoid skin problems for further use. 

Through sponges and brush makeup you can clean it easily and can do at any time so that it can use for a long time and is more efficient. 

Unfortunately, the direct action of throwing away the sponge and brushing the dirty ones is still done by many people because they don’t know how to clean them properly.

Well, this time Stylo will tell Stylovers how to clean sponges and brush makeup properly to avoid skin problems. 

Here are some simple and easy ways to clean sponges and brush makeup properly to avoid skin problems. 

How to clean makeup brushes

Brush Makeup Cleanser 

Now there is a wide selection of makeup brush cleansers or makeup brush cleanser soap that specially formulates to take care of your beauty tools optimally. 

You can easily find makeup cleanser brushes on the market at affordable prices. 

In addition to specially formulate, brush makeup cleansers can clean and maintain the quality of sponges and makeup brushes better than other types of cleansers. 

The way to use it is quite diverse because the makeup cleanser brush has different formulas and textures.

Stylovers can read how to use it correctly on the product label. 

However, usually pour a sufficient amount of makeup cleanser brush into a clean bowl, dip a dirty sponge and makeup brush and then rinse a few more times with clean water. 

Micellar Water 

If a makeup cleanser brush is too expensive for you, micellar water can be an option for cleaning your favorite makeup sponges and brushes. 

Stylovers can use micellar water that is not compatible with facial skin to clean makeup sponges and brushes, so it’s even more economical! 

The trick, pour enough micellar water into a clean bowl. Dip the sponge and makeup brush several times, and stir until your beauty tools are clean. 

Rinse several more times using clean water so that the sponge. And makeup brushes are maximally clean so you can avoid skin problems. 

Face Wash 

You can also use a face wash that is not suitable for cleaning makeup sponges and brushes. 

Here’s how to prepare a makeup brush cleaning base that has clean using face wash soap. Pour face wash soap on the tool and clean your beauty tool until clean. 

Always rinse the makeup brush a few more times using clean water. So that your beauty tools are as clean as possible so that you avoid skin problems. 

Avoid using a face wash in the form of whip or foam to clean sponges. Such as a beauty blender because it can cause unpleasant odors and leave makeup residue.

This can usually cause itching and odor on the facial skin and other skin problems such as acne.
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