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Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp business

In this modern age of smartphones, it is impossible to live without the WhatsApp application! If you are a user, you may know its worth. Yet, what’s the hot trend – everybody is asking! Now, as WhatsApp Business got released, many small business holders and some entrepreneurs have remained puzzled about it. And wish to know what’s the difference between these two – WhatsApps and WhatsApps Business. 

To assist you so you can clear your mind, we have evolved up with this complete guide on WhatsApps versus WhatsApps Business. So, if you are curious to know what differences have prevailed, we suggest you read on. And know which version of WhatsApp is better for you!

WhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp Business: Things You Need to Know!

Even though both of these applications hold tons of similarities and dissimilarities. We have compiled a quick comparison for these tracks to continue the WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business guide. Following are the things that you should know, take a look!

WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business – The Similarities

Interestingly, both WhatsApp & WhatsApp businesses got controlled by the same company. And seem comparable at a prime glance.

  • Users could utilize them to talk with their contacts numbers, transfer media files, add stickers, send documents, and more.
  • Aside from this, both applications can get link on WhatsApp Web. It would help a user to utilize the WhatsApp app on his computer directly.
  • As the interface of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business is highly similar. It is a guarantee that you won’t face any issues accessing their setting options.
  • Besides, users can get linked to an iCloud or Google Drive profile to reserve and recover their data in an instance.

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business – The Differences

Once you use WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp, you may encounter some of these exclusive features. If you wish to know about these differences orally, take a look at the below points right away!

Make Business Profile

One of the foremost concerns that separate WhatsApp Business from Personal is the making of a business profile. Unlike a regular account/profile, it will add features for your business, communication learning, and users can also make a catalog of their products/services using WhatsApp Business. These features are not available in the Personal WhatsApp app.

Automated Welcome Message

Users could set their selective messages to send when they are not readily available to attend to anyone. They can go to the settings options of their WhatsApps Business application to switch automatic greeting messages. Whenever a person would message you to your WhatsApps Business account, they will quickly receive the greeting text automatically that you have set accordingly.

Advanced Research Filters

Here enters another feature that makes WhatsApps and WhatsApps Business so diverse. There exist high-level search filters in the Business application that users can not have in the Personal app. Utilizing them, users could search for any texts, unread chats, starred messages, or conversations under a particular label.

Short Link Sharing

In Standard WhatsApp, users first need to gather the contact number in their contacts to talk to any person. To save time, WhatsApps Business has got you covered with a quick link feature. Users can utilize it to generate a short link for their Business chronicle and send it to anyone.

Wrapping-Up: Keep Both the Apps!

One of the best things about both apps is that they are not reciprocally independent. You can have both of them on one device without any trouble. Frequently, people hold WhatsApp for private use and business for their professional practice. Yet, it is up to you!

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