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What is PDF to PDF/A

PDF is one of the most used file formats worldwide; most people prefer to use PDF instead of the other formats. There is another kind of PDF known as PDF/; it is the subgroup of the PDF; it is usually used for archive data PDF/A preserves the documents for a long time. The client can check documents after a long time; these are present in their original position.

The PDF converter is an online facility that helps you convert unlimited files into super quality without requiring any manual efforts. You can discover several free tools available online that can assist you in converting. 

However, the first thing that might be alarming in your brain is the difference between these two file formats. To find the answer to this question, we are going to elaborate on the comprehensive details. 

What is a PDF?

Portable document format is known as PDF; people use PDF to complete their important work; with the help of PDF, people can easily exchange their documents. The PDF is an open standard. It is protected by ISO (International Organization of Standardization). PDF files consist of form fields, link buttons, audio, video, and business reasons. The digital publication of the book is one of the most important uses of PDF; that’s why many people prefer to use PDF rather than other formats.

PDF contains different content such as flat text graphics, collective elements like annotations, media content, form fields, and 2D, 3D objects utilizing PRC and U3D. PDF provides their client the facility to encrypt the documents, digital signature, connecting the document and metadata.

A portable document format is a blend of text, computer images, and electronic images. It also allows many different elements in the documents; its operating system is straightforward to use.

 What is PDF/A?

  • PDF/A is a subset of whenever you want to conduct meaningful work, such as archiving documents. Enables the clients to protect the data and archive documents for a long time. When we need to regain the data after a long time, it is present in its previous condition. Also consists of many other functions, such as picture insertion. PDF/A does not prefer the encrypted data mode.
  • The main difference between PDF and PDF/A
  • PDF/A is a particular type of layout network that allows their clients to archive their important documents; on the other hand, PDF doesn’t allow their users to archive documents. 
  • PDF wants to embed different graphic content such as audio and video and allows executable content; on the other hand, it doesn’t enable graphical content like audio, video, and executable of contents. 
  • PDF/A wants the embedding of the fonts and graphics into the files, while PDF doesn’t need fonts and graphics embedded into the files. 
  • PDF/A doesn’t allow the encryption of documents and files; that’s why it is not a secure format, while PDF allows encryption which makes it a particular form.  
  • PDF/A is the subset of Portable document format, while PDF is not the subset of anything. 
  • PDF/A keeps the data saved for an extended period, and the data of the documents remains the same, while PDF does not ensure the users on this part.

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