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How to unclog sink?

Whether in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room – a clogged sink is always annoying. How to unclog a sink.  We will tell you which methods you can use to clear the sink again and what causes a clogged sink can have. 

Clogged sink: the most important things at a glance

Hair and food scraps clog the sink, making it harder for the water to drain off.

 Loosen blockages in the sink with the household remedies baking soda or vinegar essence, alternatively with a suction cup.

 Avoid a clogged sink by always throwing away leftover food and hair in the trash.

Act quickly if the sink is clogged!

We all know it: The water in the sink backs up, runs off very slowly or not at all. This is not only extremely annoying but also often ensures that the drain stinks. Now is the time to clean and clear the sink. Preferably with environmentally friendly means. We’ll show you how to do it right.

Why is the sink blocked? How to unclog a sink

Before we can start cleaning, we should get to the bottom of what causes a clogged sink.

Causes of a clogged sink in the kitchen

The sink in the kitchen usually clogs with leftover food. In other words: If you don’t take it too seriously when washing up and don’t dispose of leftover food in the garbage, but directly in the sink and thus in the drainpipe, you will soon have to struggle not only with bad smells but also with a clogged sink. Cooking oil can also cause a clogged sink. Remember when they are, for example, disposed of the cooking oil.

Causes of a clogged bathroom sink

The sink can become clogged with large amounts of soap and hair in the bathroom and laundry room. If it has to be done quickly, the hair is also washed in the sink. Especially when flowing hair and combing, a lot of hair gets into the sink and clogs it. This means that the water cannot drain away more and more.

Sink clogged with hair.

 When washing your hair, hair often ends up down the drain and is responsible for clogging the sink.

Free a clogged sink with home remedies

The means should both clean and clear the sink. This works not only with chemical agents but also excellent with home remedies. If your drain clog, you should prefer this as a drain cleaner, as chemical cleaning agents, on the one hand, clear the sink effectively and quickly. Still, their substances also contaminate the groundwater, and so the environment is damaged.

Instructions: How to unclog a sink

 Use baking soda and vinegar to loosen blockages in the sink

Baking soda, Baking soda, or washing soda are great for freeing the sink and allowing water to drain away again. Put four tablespoons of baking soda down the drain and add half a cup of vinegar or diluted vinegar essence. Then leave it on for a moment and rinse off with hot water when the mixture has stopped bubbling.

Detergent blocked: use baking soda.

The home remedy baking soda often helps if the sink clog.

Methods against persistently clogged sinks

If even vinegar essence and baking soda fail, more arduous means have to use. If the sink is a very stubborn clog, only these methods will help:


ThePömpel, also known as the suction cup, reliably removes hair, food scraps, and dirt. He loosens the blockage through the suction force. To do this, place the plunger on the drain and press it down firmly. Then fill the sink with water until the rubber of the suction cup cover. Now move the plunger up and down alternately – but it must not come loose! After a while, the suction bell loosens the dirt, and the water can run off again.

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If the sink stubbornly clogs, a plunger could help remove hair, food, and grime. Here you can buy a corresponding Pömpel from Amazon.

Spiral pipe: How to unclog a sink

run the spiral line down the drain in the sink until through the siphon. Once the spiral has reached the downpipe, you can carefully turn the crank and, at the same time, apply slight pressure in the direction of the pipe. After a while, you can remove the coil, and the water should drain out again.

If these measures and methods do not help either, or if the sink clogs very often, you should contact a specialist who will professionally clean your sink and safely resolve the blockage.

This will avoid a clogged sink.

To prevent clogging of the sink, you should always dispose of leftover food in the garbage, including oil from the pan, and not reddish hair down the drain, but collect it and throw it in the bin. This is how you ensure that your sink does not clog.

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