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How to make a smoothie?

The smoothie is one of the most consumed drinks in hot periods, to be enjoyed for a small break, a tasty snack or as a replacement for a refreshing meal. It is prepared with few ingredients but at the same time brings many benefits and nutrients, despite its lightness.

The most popular smoothies are certainly those made with fresh fruit, to be chosen based on seasonal availability, enriched with milk (or water in some cases) and perhaps some refreshing ice cubes. To make them even tastier, in some cases, you can add bitter cocoa, honey or vanilla, as long as you don’t make the mistake of covering the flavour of the protagonist: fruit.

For some time now, in addition to fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies are also very popular, prepared especially by those who follow a low-calorie diet.

How to make a smoothie

In many cases, the smoothie can be the right compromise for those who, not being able to eat sweets, make something similar to a dessert through the fruit. Prepared for children, on the other hand, can be a valid way to make them eat fruit, which they don’t always like too much.

Let’s now see together how to make a fruit smoothie :

First, you will need a cutting board, a knife and a blender.

Step 1. Choose the fruit to use (strawberries, bananas, apples, peaches, kiwis, etc.) bearing in mind that some fruits (such as watermelon and pineapple) have more water and will make the smoothie consistency more liquid. You can also choose whether to use only one type of fruit or whether to use a couple of them per drink.

Phase 2 . Clean the fruit by removing the peel and core (if necessary). Then cut it into chunks if necessary.

Phase 3 . Move the sliced ​​fruit into the blender and add the liquid part. You can use common milk, vegetables (soy, coconut or whatever you prefer), 100% fruit juice or plain water.

Step 4. If you prefer a sweet-tasting smoothie, add some honey, agave syrup or sugar. Alternatively, you can use very ripe fruits and you will get a natural sweetener.

Step 5. You can make your drink “special” by adding vanilla essence, grated coconut or melted chocolate. Obviously, you don’t have to overdo the doses, a teaspoon or a pinch will do just fine.

Step 6. When it gets too hot you can add some ice cubes to the blender. Avoid putting a lot of them in order not to make the preparation too liquid, better if you add them a little at a time, evaluating the hypothesis of inserting still others as you go. A good alternative is to freeze the pieces of fruit in advance and use them with the ice effect.

Phase 7.  Blend everything starting from a minimum power and increasing successively. You will need to achieve a nice creamy but smooth consistency, free of lumps.

Step 8. Pour the smoothie into glasses and decorate with a few slices of fruit, a sprinkle of cocoa or some simple straws. Let your imagination advise you.

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