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How to delete Gmail Account?

In the following article, we get to know about How to delete Gmail Account? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be instrumental for you guys. Easy guide to delete Gmail account:

Steps to delete Gmail account

  • First, you have to enter the Google account and then go to its settings to delete Gmail Account. In this sense, it is a menu located on the left of the screen, where there are a series of options. Then, you must click on Data and personalization to delete your Gmail Account. This option also appears in the center of the screen, in one of the boxes. It can be accessed at this link to delete your Gmail Account.
  • Next, there is a list of various options. In this list, you have to look for the ¬ę Delete an account or service ¬ęsection. This is the section in which it is allowed to either delete the Google account or any of the Google services to delete the Gmail account, as is the case with Gmail on this specific occasion when you have found that section, you must click on that option to Delete your Gmail Account.
  • Doing this opens a screen where there are four options to deleting Gmail Account. One of the options is to download data, which can be interesting to use to Deleting Gmail Account. So that you will have a copy of all the information, the ideal would be to use this option first to deleting your Gmail Account. When this has been done, you can proceed to Deleting the Gmail account, which is what the user wants. Then you can move on to the next step to Deleting your Gmail Account.

Delete Gmail account

  • Of the four options on the screen, you must click on the Deleting service to Deleting your Gmail Account. Then, the user will be asked to enter the password for their account to verify that no one accesses without their permission to Deleting Gmail Account. Once this is done, a new screen opens, where the Google services that the user has used in this account appear. Among them is Gmail. Next to each of the services, there is an icon of a trash can. Therefore, you have to click on that icon next to Gmail to Deleting your Gmail Account.
  • Then a warning window appears on the screen, in which the user is shown what it means to Deleting the Gmail account. You have to accept the terms that are imposed. And then, you can click on the blue button, which is to delete the history. As mentioned before, Google will ask the user for a secondary account to Deleting the Gmail account to have access to other company services. If you enter this account, you have to click to continue.

Bottom Line

  • Then an email will be sent to that account. It shows the confirmation of the deletion of the Gmail account. To make it official that said account is deleted, you have to click on the link they send by mail. A web page then opens, showing what is happening with the account information. If you are sure to Deleting said account, click on accept terms and then on the blue button that says Deleting Gmail. This is the final step since this account is therefore deleted.

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