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How to clear cache on iphone

Procedure for deleting cache by the application when iPhone operation is heavy

How to clear the cache on iPhone: If you feel your iPhone is slowing down, it may be due to the cache. The cache is the data temporarily stored in the iPhone, but if this cache data becomes too large, it may cause slow operation.

So, in this article, in addition to the basic knowledge about cache, we will explain How to clear the cache on the iphone that has accumulated in iPhone safely. In addition, there are some things to be careful about when deleting the cache, so I would like to explain the correct handling of the store as well.

1. Seven basics you need to know about iPhone cache

1-1. What is the iPhone cache?

How to clear the cache on iPhone. Cache data is stored on the iPhone and on devices that often connect to the Internet. When you connect to the Internet and browse a site, the data required to display the site is automatically saved as a temporary cache file. The reason is that the next time you open the same place, you can save packets and speed up by displaying all the data from the cache without downloading it.

Therefore, apps such as browsers and SNS that frequently connect to the Internet and exchange data automatically save the cache.

1-2. Cache causes heavy operation

The cache is intended to improve convenience, such as speeding up site browsing and saving packets. Still, if the stock becomes too large, it will put pressure on the storage capacity and slow down the operation of the iPhone. There will be a problem.

If your iPhone feels heavy even though you don’t know it, the cause may be too much cache.

1-3. The cache occupies the storage capacity of the central unit

Since the stock is stored in the storage space inside the iPhone, if the supply becomes too large, it will occupy the limited storage space of the iPhone.

You may run out of storage space due to the cache becoming too large, leading to problems such as not being able to take new pictures.

It may be a level you can put up with just because it is heavy, but if you can not save what you want to keep, the cache will occupy the storage space, and you can not miss it.

1-4. The cache is saved for each application

How to clear the cache on iPhone. Applications that connect to the Internet and exchange data, such as browsers and SNS, store a cache individually. Specifically, the following apps, which many people use, keep the stock.

  • Safari
  • Google chrome
  • LINE
  • Twitter
  • Facebook etc.

Both aim to improve convenience, but if each app stores the cache separately, it may reach a level that puts pressure on the storage capacity with a small degree.

1-5. The unnecessary cache can be deleted

The cache that has accumulated too much and squeezes the iPhone itself or makes it slow can delete by user operation. In this article, I will explain individually how to clear the cache in each app.

1-6. Difference between cache and cookie

Like the cache, the data stored in the iPhone itself contains cookies. The stock is temporary data for displaying the site, and the cookie is valuable information.

Many people have an experience that the information of the form once enters was already enter when going to the same site, but the cookie realizes this.

Each has different uses, but data accumulates while browsing the Internet and filling out forms.

Cookies can delete like caches, so it’s okay to delete them if you don’t need them.

1-7. Is it because the old iPhone is slow?

There was news that Apple acknowledge that rumors ran around that older generation iPhones intentionally slow down. According to Apple’s comment, if the battery of an old iPhone deteriorates, it may cause a sudden shutdown, etc., so it slows down and suppresses the output, thereby preventing a sudden shutdown.

As you can see from this news, it has nothing to do with the slowdown of the iPhone due to the cache.

But, of course, the newly released iOS should optimize for the new iPhone. It’s safe to assume that old iPhones are not faster than new iPhones, regardless of cache.

2. Steps to clear the cache of major apps

2-1 Safari cache deletion procedure

I will explain the procedure to delete the cache accumulated by using Safari. First, tap the settings icon on the iPhone home screen.

Then tap the Safari item.

Find the item “Clear history and website data” in the Safari settings menu” and tap it.

When you tap it, the final confirmation message will display. If you tap “Clear history and data” here, Safari cache deletion is complete.

2-2. Chrome cache deletion procedure

I will explain the procedure to delete the cache that Chrome has accumulated. First, open the Chrome app.

Tap “Other icons” (3-point icon) at the bottom right of the Chrome screen.

In the menu opened here, there is an item called “History,” so tap it.

At the bottom, there is a button called “Clear browsing history,” so tap it.

On the next screen, select which data you want to delete.

If you want to delete only the cache files, make sure that “Cache images and files”  checks and tap “Clear browsing history.” (It is also possible to delete browsing history, cookies, etc.)

Five things to keep in mind when deleting cache etc.

3-1. The display of the site, once accessed does not become faster

It is one of the roles of cache data to speed up the next production by saving the data of the site once accessed. Therefore, clearing the cache loses the benefit of faster subsequent access.

Of course, the cache, when reaccessed, will remain unless you delete it.

3-2. Contrary to packet saving: How to clear cache on iphone

It is also an advantage that you can save the number of communication packets by keeping the site you accessed again as a cache. Still, if you delete the store, it will reread, and you will not enjoy the saving advantage.

3-3. It is necessary to re-enter the login information that is remembered.

If you delete the cached data stores in the browser, information such as ID and password may delete simultaneously. Many people find it convenient to have their login information stored, such as their ID and password, but keep in mind that this will also lost and will need to re-enter.

Be especially careful if you don’t remember or write down your password because it reflects in your browser. Ensure to save the necessary information so that you will not be unable to log in due to the loss of this information due to deleting the cache. If you are using Chrome, save it in your Google account, the password for Norton Password Manager, etc. It is also effective to protect it with the management tool.

3-4. Bookmark if you plan to visit again

The cached data that delete also includes the browsing history of the browser. This is a convenient function when you visit a site that you have a saw once. Still, that information will lost by deleting the cache, so bookmark the place you want to see again without relying on historical data.

3-5. Precautions when deleting the cache of the LINE app

I explained that it is necessary to uninstall once to delete the store with SNS applications such as Facebook and Twitter. Still, if you try to delete the store by uninstalling and reinstalling LINE with the same feeling, even the talk history will delete. Please note that.

Many people are in trouble if the talk history disappears only in the message application, so please follow the procedure in “2-3. LINE cache deletion procedure” to delete the LINE cache.

Summary: How to clear the cache on iphone

The cached data will increase as you use the iPhone. The more people who use the iPhone, the more inconvenient it will be if the operation becomes heavier, so if you feel that the process is severe, you can try deleting the cache first.

Suppose you delete the cache that has accumulated too much regularly. Not only the operation will be heavy, but also problems will be less likely to occur. So it may be a feeling that it is for the health of your important iPhone.
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