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How to clean brass?

As time passes, the shine of the brass materials diminishes because of the corrosion between oxygen, other elements, and water. You wish to keep them, but the look does not allow you. Don’t worry; we have many options for you to save and bring back the shine of your brass products. 

Your doorknobs, some decoration pieces, and other materials made from brass can look as they were before with the help of some pantry items, and the time you will manage to clean the brass. But, you have to keep in mind that the thing you will clean should be pure brass, not the plated one, or it would get damaged more than before. So, before starting with the cleaning and polishing method, let’s first check the purity of the metal. Either it is brass or not. You have to bring the magnet close to the metal you think is brass. If the metal sticks to the interest, it is hundred percent sure that the material you are trying to clean is not made up of brass only.

How to clean brass?

Thirdly, make sure that you can use different ways on the brass to clean and polish. But, the condition is you have to finish up the first hack completely, and then you have to move to the other hack if the first one doesn’t work properly for the stain on the brass. 

Now, we first have the ketchup hack moving on to the steps. Apply a little dot of ketchup on the inner area, which is mostly not visible to others prominently. Wipe it off within a few seconds. If the result shows you a perfect match, try it on the whole material. Apply the ketchup on the whole of the brass material. Let it sit for a few seconds. Wipe it off, wash it and let it dry from the damp cloth.

The second hack is the vinegar hack. This will act as an acid and will work effectively. Use a half tsp of salt in a cup of vinegar. Dissolve the salt and add 2 tbsp of flour to make a paste. Once the pasta is ready, apply it to the brass material. Let it sit for a few minutes. Now, wipe it off, rinse it, and use a dry Damp cloth to clean and dry the material.

Bottom Line

Thirdly, you can use soap and water hack. The easiest hack of the time. But, remember, after this hack, you might also have to try another one as it does not completely clean out the brass. Add warm water with a few spoons of soap together.

Mix it well and soak the brass material for a few seconds. Then rub that with the toothbrush to remove stains. As I told you above, this will not completely clean the brass material, so don’t worry. Dry it with the microfiber cloth and try another hack if you want to. 

These are the few home remedies for you to clean your brass material and bring its shine back.

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