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How to check my Airtel number?

Remembering the phone numbers in this hectic life routine for the masses is not easy. People keep different sims in their mobile phones for different purposes. When a signal of one network does not work, How to check my airtel number then they can use the other sim for making the call. Previously, there was the use of a single sim only. Indeed, the mobile phone consists of a single slot for the sim. But as time changes, the needs and desires of people change, and now they can easily afford multiple sims on their phones. 

Multiple Methods to Check Airtel Number

Whenever you buy a new sim, then it becomes difficult to remember its number. If you bought the Airtel number and you want to share its number with others. But, you do not remember the number of it. Then what to do? You do not need to panic. Your sim will not be wasted if you have forgotten the number. There are multiple ways to find out the Airtel number. Take the assistance of any of these methods and get to know your Airtel number quite quickly.  

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Method 1 – Flash Message to check my airtel number

This amazing way helps to check Airtel numbers quickly. Take the sim in your hand and insert it into the smartphone. Ensure that it is an activated Airtel sim. Now, take the assistance of the phone dialer app. Open it up and dial the USSD code on it for Airtel number check, which is *282#. After doing so, tap the call button. When you finish all these steps successfully, then a popup or flash message will appear on the mobile screen. This flash message will state your mobile number and will be in such a way, “Hi, your mobile number is *********. Immediately, note down the number so that you can use it when required. Indeed, you can save it on your phone. 

Method 2 – Airtel Customer Support

One of the quick and efficient methods to determine the Airtel number is to make the call to Airtel Customer Support. The method for this is quite simple. Take the phone and dial the USSD code on the dial pad. Type 198 or 121 and then tap at the button of call. It will direct you to Airtel Customer Support. Now, get the Mobile Services through tapping digit 1. It will let the user listen to IRV, which will inform different information. This information includes the balance validity, data balance, and Airtel number.

Method 3 – MyAirtel App

The most convenient and free method to check Airtel’s number is to take the assistance of the MyAirtel App. Airtel users can download the app from the play store. Go to the Play Store and navigate to the MyAirtel App. Click on the install button and get the icon of the app on your mobile home screen. Now, tap the app to open it up and go to the homepage. Here, you will view different types of details for the SIM, including the Airtel number. MyAirtel App is a must-have app for Airtel users to keep updated about different types of information about their sim. 



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